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Creating and following up on tasks

  • Create a task by starting a paragraph with a hyphen then a space. The hyphen will change to a task and then you are free to style the paragraph was you wish. You can edit the priority %complete and due dates in any of the following three ways
  • By swiping to the left to reveal the Task Pane and tapping on your task from the list
  • By enabling the Task Helper switch in settings and then tapping on the coloured priority icon next to the task in the right hand margin.
  • If you have a keyboard and the cursor is anywhere within the task paragraph selecting the keyboard combination of ctrl T
  • Each of these actions will bring up the task popup where you can set % Complete - Priority(1,2,3 or Zzz) and a due date(deadline) tapping the X in the popup or anywhere outside it will cause the popup to disappear and you changes to be saved
  • To mark a task complete you can tap the incomplete task symbol [ ] and it will change to indicating the task is complete or in the task editor popup you can slide the % Complete to 100% and it will auto mark it off for you

Task Groups

  • Task Groups or Projects are a special paragraph that is started with the + symbol then a space
  • Task Groups display a completion status of all associated child tasks at the same or greater indent level via a graphical circle indicator
  • You can even nest task groups in an outline structure and the top level group will only show complete if all the associated child groups are complete
  • Task Groups help you break down complicated tasks into smaller sub-tasks to ensure you stay on track to meet your goals