Sync Devices
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Sync Devices

Sync in SpringNotes

  • Sync in SpringNotes uses iCloud and is enabled by default. Apple iCloud is an Apple Inc. encrypted sync and storage service which is used by many apps which can only be accessed by you. Only set this to OFF in settings if you do not wish to use iCloud to sync your notes between devices or use iCloud as a backup. It is highly recommended to leave this setting ON even if you only have a single device as iCloud acts as an automatic backup for your notes and you will be able to restore on a new device just by re-downloading the app. If you set this to OFF and you lose your device you will lose your notes.
  • When you have multiple devices such as an iPhone and an iPad or a Mac and an iPad sync is so useful as you can start a note on the iPhone and complete it later on the Mac.

  • Important - If you are using multiple devices It is critical that you have the sync setting the SAME on all your devices to avoid experiencing Note conflicts. If you do wish to use sync set this setting to ON for all your devices and be mindful of the state of the sync process and never edit the same note on multiple devices at the same time.

  • If you wish to sync with iCloud SpringNotes will automatically synchronise your notes to all your Apple Devices if the following is true.
    • You use the same Apple ID on each device.
    • You are logged in to iCloud and have space left in your account for note storage
    • You have a good internet connection
    • You have the "Use iCloud" setting on in SpringNotes (the default setting)
  • If you see the message iCloud unavailable see SpringNotes help please try the suggestions below and if you cant resolve the issue contact help at

Tips for the best sync experience

  • Ensure you have a good internet connection and your iCloud storage has sufficient free space
  • Initial Sync of all your Notes on a new device or a sync after a re-install may sometimes take 10-12 minutes before it "kicks off" so please don't close the app. You can navigate away but leave it active until it completes.
  • Sync thereafter is usually quite quick and within a minute. On the Mac sync seems to commence when you navigate away from the app by clicking in another window then returning to SpringNotes.
  • Notes are saved and sync initiated for that Note periodically when after a change is made, when you close a note by returning to the doc List or when you navigate to another note. Notes are also saved when the app is placed in the app switcher on iOS or you switch to another app on the Mac or you close the app or the device enters sleep mode.
  • The sync library SpringNotes uses works on a policy of "last writer wins". Therefore, If you edit and save a note on one device then move to another device you should wait until the changes you have made have had a chance to sync over to the second device. This only occurs when the app is running on a device and is usually quite quick. You can see the time a note was last updated in the top right corner of the Note List so be aware of this before you start your edit on the second device.

Sync Scenario - Travel
  • A common scenario with two or more devices is a travel trip where you take one device on a plane and have to put it into "Flight Mode" You can safely do this without experiencing a sync conflict if you follow the steps below.
    • Before travel make sure all your devices are up to date with sync.
    • Close SpringNotes on the device/s you are not taking away with you.
    • Use the device you are travelling with as per normal - even in flight Mode changes are saved but not yet synced over.
    • When you return to a area where you have internet if Flight mode is turned back off the travel device will resume syncing as per normal
    • When you return from the trip open SpringNotes on your other devices and give them a little time to sync - validate this by looking at the updated time of a note you edited while away.
    • If it appears your travel device has not synced its changes ensure it is connected to to the internet and has a chance to sync completely.
    • If you follow this process you shouldn't have issues.

  • If you do experience an apparent data loss or conflict you can "Restore" a prior version of a note from the version System in the note List. Please see the help section for details.
  • If you begin editing a note and it is then synced from changes made on another device in the background. - you will be presented with a brief pop up to inform you that "Note has been updated by another device - refreshing" and possibly "A version snapshot has been taken" See picture below.
  • If you experience a problem with sync please contact support. As a last resort you can safely delete the app and re-install and your notes that were synced will restore to that device.

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A note about updating the app on all devices that you wish to sync.

  • From time to time a new feature may be added to SpringNotes that requires all devices that are synced together to be updated to the latest SpringNotes version before the feature will work and be activated on any of your devices. This is simply because we try to ensure that you do not lose any data and this may occur if a new feature was used on one one device and then another device was used which was not updated to the latest version. To overcome this possibility we try to ensure all devices are up to date with the latest SpringNotes version before activating any feature that requires consistent versions. To help us determine this we may occasionally pop up a screen to ask you to verify that the devices shown in a list are all still active and up to date and If they are not for you to either clear them from the popup or update them so you can proceed with a new feature.