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  • Global Settings can be accessed from the Library Pane and Editor Settings from within the Editor by tapping the settings icon on the far right of each pane.

  • General Global Settings:
  • Explore SpringNotes Ultimate - If shown takes you to a screen showing the available additional features for purchasing.
  • Use iCloud: initial setting is ON. iCloud is an Apple Inc. encrypted sync and storage service which is used by many apps which can only be accessed by you. Set this to OFF if you do not wish to use iCloud to sync your notes between devices or use iCloud as a backup. It is highly recommended to leave this setting on even if you only have a single device as iCloud acts as an automatic backup for your notes and you will be able to restore on a new device just by re-downloading the app. If you set this to OFF you will lose all your notes if you lose your device and you will not be able to sync your notes across devices. More information related to this setting and synch can be found here.
  • Reinstall Tutorial - Will re-install the in app tutorial
  • What's new in this release - shows the release notes

  • Editor Settings: tap/select to reveal the following detailed settings for the Editor;
    • 1. Font - tap/select to select one of the supported fonts.
    • 2. Font Size - slide to select
    • 3. Paragraph Spacing - slide to select
    • 4. Line Spacing - slide to select.
    • 5. Editor Margin - initial setting is Medium
    • 6. Drag Whole Paragraphs - initial setting is ON. This setting affects text dragging to other apps. When you select a text range and then drag to a a new window SpringNotes will select whole paragraphs automatically for you to preserve nested folded sections. When you turn this setting OFF SpringNotes will start at your selection point but will still expand folded text if your selection spans the end of the paragraph and expand your selection to include its folded children if present . Please Note text drag for macOS is only available for macOS Big Sur and later.
    • 7. Show Paragraph Drag Buttons - initial setting is ON. When set ON a small drag icon is shown in the right hand margin on the first line of a paragraph to allow you to drag it to a new location.
    • 8. Show Task Details When Hidden- initial setting is ON. This setting toggles the task numbers displayed at the end of any paragraph that is collapsed that has tasks that are not visible on screen. If all tasks are complete it will show just a check mark ✔️ and if there are still tasks to complete it will display tasks/completed
    • 9. Strikethrough Completed Tasks - initial setting is OFF.
    • 10. No Shortcut bar with Keyboard. Only applicable in iOS if you have an attached hardware keyboard.

  • Themes:
    • Follow System Appearance - initial setting is ON. Set this to off to select one of the custom themes.
    • Current Theme - displays the current theme and becomes selectable when Follow System Appearance is OFF. When selected you can select a supported theme from the list.

  • Get Help:
  • Help Website - Takes you to the SpringNotes Website
  • Email Support - Auto fills in an email addressed to SpringNotes support

  • About:
    • Version - Displays the current app version
    • Acknowledgements - Shows a short welcome Note and recognises others efforts

  • The Editor settings for the Mac are displayed below
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