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The SpringNotes Panes

Navigating around is easy, just swipe left or right to hide or reveal one of the 4 navigation panes or use the < close or > open toolbar buttons.

If you have a keyboard you can also use the directional arrow keys
to move between the Library, the Notes List, individual notes and the editor.

The panes from left to right are:
  • The Library - where you can categorise your notes into Groups, Folders and Subfolders and select notes that fit into the predefined Library categories.
  • The Notes List - where notes are displayed that match your current selection in the Library. The list of Notes can be sorted by last Edited Date or first Due Date of any of the to-dos within a Note. Notes can also be searched for by using the search bar
  • The Editor - where you create and edit your notes and tasks. A toolbar appears at the bottom of the editor showing common quick actions and if you have a keyboard there are quick actions linked to shortcut keys. To see a list of these shortcuts in iOS hold down the ‘Command’ key
  • The Task Editor - a special editor to help you complete the details of your tasks/to-dos
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