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Outlining with SpringNotes

  • SpringNotes supports Outlining - taking notes with collapsible sections.
  • Outlining is great for structuring your notes into sections that collapse and expand so you can move around a large note quickly and re-arrange sections easily
  • Outlining is based on the indentation relationship between paragraphs with any paragraph that is indented greater than the one preceding it becoming collapsable. It sounds complex but SpringNotes makes it easy for you by placing special symbols in the left margin for you to indicate if a paragraph has children than can be collapsed or expanded.
    • If you see a ▼ symbol this means you can collapse paragraphs below and if you see a paragraph with the ► symbol it means this paragraph has collapsed children below it and you can expand(Spring) them back by tapping the symbol.
    • Indenting or outdenting a paragraph can be accomplished by placing the insertion cursor within the paragraph and then either tapping the indent and outdent buttons on the toolbar at the bottom of the editor or by entering tab for indent and shift+tab for outdent with a keyboard.
  • You can create nested outlines containing multiple levels of collapsed sections that can be reduced to just a single paragraph if required which declutters a large note to aid your thought process and navigation fast.
  • A keyboard shortcut assist you to toggle the state of a collapsed section. Press "ctrl F" while the cursor is on a paragraph that can be folded or unfolded will toggle the state.

Rearranging your outline

  • SpringNotes has innovative features that assist you to rearrange your outlines by dragging. Drag paragraphs around using the re-arrange icon in the right hand margin, If the paragraph has children the children will move along with the parent and if the paragraph is already collapsed the child paragraphs will move with it. Just drop the paragraph as indicated by a horizontal helper line within your note.
  • A final way to re-arrange paragraphs is with a keyboard shortcut you can use CMD ↓ or CMD ↑ to move a paragraph down or up 1 spot. This action will move paragraphs with already collapsed nested folded sections as well and is very fast.
  • Collapsed sections are preserved between edits so when a note is saved and re-opened it will present just as you were last editing it.