Note List and Versions
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Note List and Versions

The Note List

  • The Note List displays a list of all notes that meet the criteria of the currently selected Library group
  • Search: Notes within the list can be searched and filtered by typing in the search bar. This search is a full text search across all content within the Notes in the current list. Exit the search by selecting the X or cancel.
  • Notes are sorted either by the date of last edit or by the earliest date due of any task within the note. You are able to toggle this by selecting the Edited - Due buttons at the top of the list
  • Each note displayed in the list may have a Task Circle in the margin showing that within this note there are incomplete tasks. The number in the circle represents the number of incomplete tasks within the note. The colours in the pie chart represent the state of all tasks within the note - Green for complete Blue for not overdue yet (or no due date set) and finally Red for overdue.
  • Notes that have no tasks or where all tasks are complete will not show a task circle

Working with the Note List

  • You can swipe left or right on a note or use a trackpad or mouse to either Trash a note or mark it as a favourite. Swipe left to trash a note and swipe right to toggle the favourite status of a note
  • Selecting and acting on Multiple Notes at the one time
  • Select/tap the “Select” button in the navigation bar and then you are able to select multiple notes
  • To perform an action on the selected Notes:
    • Either tap and hold then drag the selected notes to the desired Library Group or tap the the file toolbar icon at the bottom of the table and select a new location
    • Select cancel to return to the ordinary Note List

Note Actions

Tap & hold down or right click a note and a context menu will pop up with the following options;
  • Versions: Version snapshots are taken at various times and they contain the note along with any tasks at a point in time. Tapping/selecting the “Versions” row in the popup will display a dated list of versions that exist with the most recent at the top. You may then tap any version to see the text representing the version and then either go back to look at other versions or tap/select
    • Copy as Text: will copy the version’s text into the clipboard as marked up plain text excluding task details such as data due and % complete. This option is useful if you wish to paste the version into another application or even as a new note within SpringNotes
    • Restore Note: this will restore the selected Version and all associated tasks effectively overwriting the note.
  • Toggle Favourite: toggle the favourite state of the Note
  • Trash: send the Note to the trash
  • Copy & Paste: You can copy the url to the Note or the Note's Unique ID. These are useful for linking another application to the selected Note
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