Exporting and Importing Notes
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Exporting and Importing Notes


Export and Import Help

There are several ways to Export Notes from and to Import into SpringNotes.

  • From the the Library by selecting ... on the Library or a Group or as an action from a folder or subfolder1 context menu. For importing Multiple Notes in Markdown or SpringNotes .sprn format you need to have the correct entitlement 2
  • From the Library pane You can export and import your notes in the following formats:

Format Compatible With Notes/Uses File Extension
Markdown Markdown applications Examples include;
iA Writer, Obsidian and Drafts 5
Multi Note Export creates a folder with each uniquely titled Note as a separate file. If two or more notes have the same title they are considered duplicates and a sequence number is appended to the fileName. You can select multiple notes for import if entitled. .md
SpringNotes SpringNotes For sharing Notes with other SpringNotes users preserving backlinks, outline structure and tasks but not task metadata such as % complete & due date. All notes are exported from selection. Importing creates a copy of a Note and multiple imports of the same export will duplicate Notes. Multiple Notes from an export will be imported if entitled if not only the first Note will be imported. .sprn
JSON Any application that can read / process JSON data Export only: Exports all Notes in Selection. See Notes on the SpringNotes JSON format here .json

  • From the Editor when you are editing a Note you can export by selecting the > Button on the top toolbar then choosing the share option from the preview. You can export or “share” a Note in multiple formats including PDF3, Markdown, Rich Text and HTML

Format Compatible With Notes/Uses File Extension
Markdown Markdown applications Examples include iA Writer , Obsidian Export creates a .md file named as the Note Title .md
Rich Text Any application that can read a .rtf file Great for sharing with Windows users .rtf
HTML Web Browsers and Email Great for creating a styled email and also can be viewed within a browser .html
PDF Everywhere a PDF can be read or imported Email, Print or embed almost anywhere .pdf

  • Finaly from the Notes List you can export a single note in either SpringNotes sprn format or Markdown format. To do this access the context menu for the note as described here 1

1: Access the context menu by long pressing a folder or subfolder in iOS and by right clicking in MacOS

2: * Foundation User* or Unlock Ultimate or Unlimited Notes

3: If you are entitled to PDF Export

Library Pane Export and Import

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Sharing Notes from within the Editor

When you are editing an individual Note and have selected the Note preview You are able to Share this note in a variaty of formats.

  1. PDF - If you have the entitlement
  2. HTML + PDF - If you have the entitlement
  3. HTML
  4. Rich Text .rtf - great for sharing with Windows users
  5. Markdown - Share with most apps that support Markdown

Export & Import

To select the scope of the Export or destination for the Import:

  1. Either access the library pane as shown on the left then either select the ... menu for the entire Library or Group of Notes
  2. or accesss the context menu for a folder or subfolder then select Export & Import

These actions select the Library, a Group, a Folder, or a Subfolder as the scope in which to export Notes from or the destination in which Imported notes will be saved

Once you have made this selection the Export & Import screen as shown immediatly below will be displayed.

This is where you either Export or Import

To Export Select the EXPORT AS format for your Notes and then select "Begin Export"

To Import under IMPORT

Note: If you have not unlocked the entitlement which allows you to have an unlimited number of notes by either purchasing "Ultimate" or "Unlimited Notes" a padlock will be shown on the rows that enable you to import multiple notes at once. To unlock this entitlement just select the padlock Icon and you will be able to purchase

As your import or export is progressing a counter will display the number of Notes for the operation.

If you wish to access help select the Help Button.

Once you are finished go back to the Library by selecting < or Done on the Navigation Bar. If you start a long running export or import you have to finish first before going back to the library or the action will not complete

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