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Frequently Asked Questions
# SpringNotes Q&A

# SpringNotes Q&A

Last updated 6-Feb-2023

Q: What is the price of SpringNotes
A: SpringNotes was initially offered as a single purchase across iPad, iPhone and Mac at a special introductory price for a limited time. From Version 1.8.0 SpringNotes is now free to download with a note count limit of 10 Notes . If you have already paid for SpringNotes prior to this version don't worry, you are entitled to all current and future features and updates at no additional cost 😀

  • The reason we have moved over to this model is that we want people to be able to try SpringNotes and appreciate its power and unique features before deciding if it is right for them.
  • Most features are available in the free version with additional premium features and a note count unlock available as one time in-app purchases. The table below shows the pricing in USD as at 14-Sept-2022. Pricing may vary depending on region.

Unlock What you get $USD Price
Ultimate All current features below and all future features and updates - forever
Best Value + Supports ongoing development
Unlimited Notes Remove the Note count limit of 10 for an unlimited number of Notes + adds the ability to import Multiple Markdown Documents and muti Note SpringNotes .sprn format files. $8.99
All Colour themes Adds an additional 4 handcrafted color themes + all new themes as they are added $2.99
More Export Choices Enable the export of Notes in PDF format and HTML+PDF. Great for sharing. $1.99
  • All SpringNotes in app purchases are one time only with future updates, additions and enhancements to the feature included. They are NOT subscriptions.

Q: What devices does SpringNotes support?
A: SpringNotes runs on both the iPad and the iPhone running iOS 13.4 and above and a Mac with macOS Catalina 10.15.4 and above.

  • Initially designed for the iPad Pro with full support for a keyboard including the Magic Keyboard with trackpad support. The Mac app is a Catalyst app and a keyboard is required. A keyboard is not required on iOS devices and the app is great to use with or without a keyboard on iOS.

Q: What support is there for note styling with markup?
A: SpringNotes supports the following markup
Heading levels 1-5 #

  1. Ordered Lists
  • Unordered Lists

[[Backlinks to another Note]]

  • Tasks - Custom support for tasks by starting a new paragraph with a hyphen - which creates a new task shown in the editor as a rounded square and when complete shown as a checkbox. When exported, tasks are are exported as plain text with markup. Custom attributes of a task such as due date are not exported. Tasks also have custom attributes that are created using a popup editor where you can specify Comments, % Complete, Priority (1-4) and assign a due date. This information is used to help you stay on top of your tasks.
    Task Groups: are supported to display the completion status of all child task below

Tags are to help classify your notes.

Q: How does SpringNotes support outlining?
A: This is the SPRING in SpringNotes - From any paragraph you can indent the next one and then collapse paragraphs at the same or at a greater indent level than the parent in an instant. A reveal icon is then placed next to the parent paragraph for you to press or click and the text is restored.

  • Unlike many outliners that are block based SpringNotes is a completely free form editor that behaves as you have come to expect.
  • SpringNotes allows you to nest outlines up to 20 levels deep, if needed. There is also special treatment for Header style 1 paragraphs styled with # These paragraphs must have no indentation level and can be used to collapse all paragraphs beneath them irrespective of their indent level up to the next Header one paragraph.
  • This is really useful and one of those things you realise you have always needed but did not know it.

Q: What data formats can SpringNotes export Notes in?
A: SpringNotes stores data in plain text and can export Notes in many formats including SpringNotes .sprn format for sharing with other SpringNotes users, JSON format, Markdown md format and PDF, Rich Text or HTML formats.

Q: What data formats can SpringNotes import?
A: SpringNotes can import Notes in Markdown .md format and SpringNotes .sprn format.

Q: What new features are planned for SpringNotes?
A: We have many enhancements planned for SpringNotes and the development pipeline has been, and will continue to be influenced by our users. We aim to stay true to our vision of making a powerful free form, usable editor and will always try to keep SpringNotes uncomplicated and fun to use. The following features are planned but we can't give a definitive timeline...

  • Image support. Remote images are already supported and local Image support is planned however don't expect it to render in line in the text. You will be able to add local images with standard Markdown markup and you will see the image when previewed and when exported in supported formats.
  • Task review mode. This has been requested by many. This feature will show all active tasks from across your Notes library and will be able to be filtered in many ways such as date due or priority. You will be able to check them off from this view and the change will be reflected in the source Note.
  • Additional colour themes
  • More export and import formats including TextBundle(when SpringNote supports local images)
  • Some great surprises!