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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When will SpringNotes be available.
A: SpringNotes was made available for sale on January 8th 2021

Q: What is the price of SpringNotes
A: SpringNotes is offered as a single purchase across iPad, iPhone and Mac at a special introductory price for a limited time. When the introductory period is over the price of the unlocked app will rise. Plans are for SpringNotes to be initially free to download but limited to a small number of notes and the unrestricted app unlocked with a one time In-App purchase. This strategy was developed as a result of feedback to make it easy for users to experience the app before buying - don’t worry, if you have already purchased SpringNotes you will NOT have to pay again and you will have purchased before the price rise!

Q: What devices does SpringNotes support?
A: SpringNotes runs on both the iPad and the iPhone running iOS 13.4 and above and a Mac with macOS Catalina 10.15.4 and above.
Initially designed for the iPad Pro with full support for a keyboard including the Magic Keyboard with trackpad support.
The Mac app is a Catalyst app and a keyboard is required.
A keyboard is not required on iOS devices and the app is great to use with or without a keyboard on iOS.

Q: What support is there for note styling with markup?
A: SpringNotes supports the following markup
# Heading levels 1-5
1. Ordered Lists
* Unordered Lists
Custom support for tasks by starting a new paragraph with a hyphen - which creates a new task shown in the editor as a rounded square and when complete shown as a checkbox.
When exported, tasks are are exported as plain text with markup. Custom attributes of a task such as due date are not exported.
Tasks also have custom attributes that are created using a popup editor where you can specify % Complete, Priority (1-4) and assign a due date. This information is used to help you stay on top of your tasks.
Task Groups: are supported to display the completion status of all child task below,
Tags. Tags are #supported

Q: What support for outlining is included?
A: This is the SPRING in SpringNotes - From any paragraph you can indent the next one and then collapse paragraphs at the same or at a greater indent level than the parent in an instant. A reveal icon is then placed next to the parent paragraph for you to press or click and the text is restored.
The support for this allows you to nest outlines up to 20 levels deep, if needed. There is also special treatment for Header style 1 paragraphs styled with # These paragraphs must have no indentation level and can be used to collapse all paragraphs beneath them irrespective of their indent level up to the next Header one paragraph.
This is really useful and one of those things you realise you have always needed but did not know it.

Q: What formats can data be exported in?
A: SpringNotes stores data in plain text and can export data as plain text with markup or PDF, Rich Text or HTML formats.