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Technical Notes: Importing SpringNotes JSON export into other apps

Format of a JSON Export From SpringNotes

"metadata" : {
"version" : "1.0"
"notes" : [
"creationDate" : "2022-06-17T04:05:40Z",
"dailyNote" : false,
"modifiedDate" : "2022-06-17T04:16:25Z",
"modifiedOnDevice" : "iMac",
"text" : "# Safety Cmtee working group\n",
"title" : "Safety Cmtee working group",
"uniqueIdentifier" : "2E404913-552C-4C4F-8DEC-BAC5AD55490D"

The "text" is the full plain text of the note in Markdown format.
This is a JSON array containing all exported notes from the selected Group/ Folder or Subfolder. If you export from the Library group All Notes are exported.
If you know a little scripting It will not be hard to import this format into other Apps