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Overdue update + next steps

It has been a while since the last blog update as we have been super busy working behind scenes to improve the SpringNotes note taking experience.

We are grateful for the positive reviews, suggestions and feedback received regarding SpringNotes.

A consistent theme from the feedback is that search needed to be improved. The last update V1.5.8 starts to address this by providing powerful find and replace within the editor. We hope it is on the mark as we tried to make it super fast and intuitive to use. Future updates will improve this even more and add cross note find so you can quickly “Jump” to any note within your library.
Other priorities have been mentioned in the version release splash screen and they are listed in more detail below;

Next 4-5 Weeks
1. Markdown preview improvements and export formatting improvements.
2. Improved Search across Notes as mentioned above and eventually integration with Apple Spotlight
3. Import plain text and TaskPaper files

Medium Term 2-3 Months
1. App URL Scheme so you can reference Notes from other apps and you can create a new note within SpringNotes via a URL scheme command.
2. So that more people can experience SpringNotes we are going to make it free to download but to limit the free version to a few notes. Existing owners will not be affected and the app unlocked after validating with the App Store.
3. Introduce a series of tutorial videos that explain how to get the best from SpringNotes.

Longer term 4 Months +
1. Support for images.
2. Implementation of the most popular suggestions from our users that are consistent with the SpringNotes Raison d'être.
3. Some great surprises!

We love to hear your suggestions and feedback to improve the app. Please write to us at with your ideas.

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