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SpringNotes was released on January 8th, 2021.

We made a decision to hold the app release back to 2021 as with 2020 nearly over and so many things starting to change, 2021 brings a new year with new promise .

Given additional time we were able to add a couple of features Task Groups(Projects) and individual paragraph drag and key shortcut reordering.

Pricing: SpringNotes is offered as a single purchase across iPad, iPhone and Mac at a special introductory price for a limited time. When the introductory period is over the price of the unlocked app will rise. Plans are for SpringNotes to be initially free to download but limited to just a small number of notes and the unrestricted app unlocked with a one time In-App purchase. This strategy was developed as a result of feedback to make it easy for users to experience the app before buying - don’t worry, if you have already purchased SpringNotes you will NOT have to pay again and you will have purchased before the price rise!

Our vision for SpringNotes is to make note-taking enjoyable an easy and for any tasks or follow up activity arising from your notes quick to discover and act upon. The idea that tasks should stay within the context of the original notes is central to this approach and we have plans to enhance this experience as the app develops.

If you are finding SpringNotes useful please consider leaving an app review as it really helps to build the user base which will allow us to continue to make improvements and realise our vision.

If you would like to leave some feedback or require support please email us at the support address in the help pages.

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