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Major release - new features and more to come ...

Version 1.6.6 released August 30 has taken us a while and is a big step forward for SpringNotes. This version introduces an elegantly styled note preview and new export/share options. You can now share your Notes in a variety of formats that look great, including PDF, HTML, Rich Text and Markdown. In addition, this version includes support for additional Markdown elements including external images, code blocks, inline code and line rules.

SpringNotes introduces these improvements yet remains a free form Markdown outliner which is quite unique.

The surprise news for this release is something you cant see yet.. this release lays down the foundation for our implementation of WikiLinks(backlinks) which will be released in 2-3 weeks. This feature has been some time in the making and we are super excited to bring it to you. Please note, in order for this to be a smooth transition, please update ALL your devices to this release because when the WikiLinks release comes out, your devices wont sync backlinks properly if they are not all on at least this version.

We have additional surprises in the roadmap for the near future. Please come back here for more news and as always, if you have any suggestions for improvement, email us at
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