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Backlinks - Major Release 1.7.0

Version 1.7 has taken far too long to complete and way over the estimate for completion but it is now finally here.
Sometimes things that appear easy turn out to be complicated to get just right so they are intuitive and simple in use. Backlinks was one of those things….

Backlinks are here!
SpringNotes backlinks are very powerful and allow you to build a web of interconnected notes. When creating a backlink you are helped by a popup to search existing notes. To choose and backlink to a listed note just hit enter or to create a backlink to a yet non existent note just type the name of your new Note and exit the backlink bracket pairs. SpringNotes also supports creating a Zettelkasten style unique name for a note in the form of “YYYYMMDDMMHH” by either selecting the toolbar icon “Z” or if you have a keyboard typing the keyboard shortcut CMD K.

In a source note if you have a trackpad or mouse when you hover over an active backlink a preview of the linked note appears in a temporary view. When you are in a note that is the target of a backlink all the mentions to that note appear in a collapsible view at the top of the note. Selecting any of these mentions take you back to the original source note going straight to the paragraph where the backlink was entered.
The backlink implementation is intuitive and easy to use. For a full step by step guide for advanced use including suggestions for use with a Zettelkasten method please see the detailed help

Note backward and forward navigation.
Just like a web browser use the back < and forward > icons to visit the selected note history.

What’s next?
Basic image support - then a free to download (but limited) version of the app to encourage more people to try SpringNotes.

SpringNotes is developed, supported and maintained by a single developer so big I for Indie. Feedback is therefore very welcome and every review helps so if you have any issues please reach out to support and if you like the app please take the time to rate it or write a review as doing either really does help.

As always, please come back here for more news and if you have any suggestions for improvement, email us at

Major release - new features and more to come ...

Version 1.6.6 released August 30 has taken us a while and is a big step forward for SpringNotes. This version introduces an elegantly styled note preview and new export/share options. You can now share your Notes in a variety of formats that look great, including PDF, HTML, Rich Text and Markdown. In addition, this version includes support for additional Markdown elements including external images, code blocks, inline code and line rules.

SpringNotes introduces these improvements yet remains a free form Markdown outliner which is quite unique.

The surprise news for this release is something you cant see yet.. this release lays down the foundation for our implementation of WikiLinks(backlinks) which will be released in 2-3 weeks. This feature has been some time in the making and we are super excited to bring it to you. Please note, in order for this to be a smooth transition, please update ALL your devices to this release because when the WikiLinks release comes out, your devices wont sync backlinks properly if they are not all on at least this version.

We have additional surprises in the roadmap for the near future. Please come back here for more news and as always, if you have any suggestions for improvement, email us at


Overdue update + next steps

It has been a while since the last blog update as we have been super busy working behind scenes to improve the SpringNotes note taking experience.

We are grateful for the positive reviews, suggestions and feedback received regarding SpringNotes.

A consistent theme from the feedback is that search needed to be improved. The last update V1.5.8 starts to address this by providing powerful find and replace within the editor. We hope it is on the mark as we tried to make it super fast and intuitive to use. Future updates will improve this even more and add cross note find so you can quickly “Jump” to any note within your library.
Other priorities have been mentioned in the version release splash screen and they are listed in more detail below;

Next 4-5 Weeks
1. Markdown preview improvements and export formatting improvements.
2. Improved Search across Notes as mentioned above and eventually integration with Apple Spotlight
3. Import plain text and TaskPaper files

Medium Term 2-3 Months
1. App URL Scheme so you can reference Notes from other apps and you can create a new note within SpringNotes via a URL scheme command.
2. So that more people can experience SpringNotes we are going to make it free to download but to limit the free version to a few notes. Existing owners will not be affected and the app unlocked after validating with the App Store.
3. Introduce a series of tutorial videos that explain how to get the best from SpringNotes.

Longer term 4 Months +
1. Support for images.
2. Implementation of the most popular suggestions from our users that are consistent with the SpringNotes Raison d'être.
3. Some great surprises!

We love to hear your suggestions and feedback to improve the app. Please write to us at with your ideas.

What's Next

What we are working on right now….

SpringNotes is now 1 month young and we are delighted with the reception it has received.
Firstly, thank you to those who have provided feedback via our support email. We take onboard all feedback and are working hard to ensure SpringNotes performs as well as we can make it. Your suggestions are particularly helpful as this gives insight as to how the app is used. So please, keep the feedback coming and if you have suggestions related to any of the items below let us know.

Here is the things we plan to release in the coming couple of months - in no particular order:

A series of introductory videos that will help you get the most out of the app.
File import from your device. The options will grow over time and we plan to support text files only at this stage in the following formats;

  • Markdown - limited to what SpringNotes can understand
  • Taskpaper
  • Plain Text
3. Searching for text within the currently editing Note
Improve Note navigation of outline view via the button


SpringNotes was released on January 8th, 2021.

We made a decision to hold the app release back to 2021 as with 2020 nearly over and so many things starting to change, 2021 brings a new year with new promise .

Given additional time we were able to add a couple of features Task Groups(Projects) and individual paragraph drag and key shortcut reordering.

Pricing: SpringNotes is offered as a single purchase across iPad, iPhone and Mac at a special introductory price for a limited time. When the introductory period is over the price of the unlocked app will rise. Plans are for SpringNotes to be initially free to download but limited to just a small number of notes and the unrestricted app unlocked with a one time In-App purchase. This strategy was developed as a result of feedback to make it easy for users to experience the app before buying - don’t worry, if you have already purchased SpringNotes you will NOT have to pay again and you will have purchased before the price rise!

Our vision for SpringNotes is to make note-taking enjoyable an easy and for any tasks or follow up activity arising from your notes quick to discover and act upon. The idea that tasks should stay within the context of the original notes is central to this approach and we have plans to enhance this experience as the app develops.

If you are finding SpringNotes useful please consider leaving an app review as it really helps to build the user base which will allow us to continue to make improvements and realise our vision.

If you would like to leave some feedback or require support please email us at the support address in the help pages.

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