SpringNotes Never be afraid of that meeting again..

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Write once, sync across all your devices

Single universal purchase works across your Mac, iPhone and iPad

Elegant and powerful simplicity reimagined

Write notes styled with Markdown and add to-dos right within the note that sync across your Mac, iPhone and iPad
Write detailed outlines that collapse and SPRING back detail when needed - in an instant.
With SpringNotes you will look forward to that status meeting because it makes it easy for you to track and progress your to-dos and ideas.
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SpringNotes introduces a new way of organising your notes and actions that will empower you to do more and achieve more.

Arrange Notes by folding and dragging anywhere

Write notes as outlines that magically collapse and spring back revealing all the detail. Great for those who like to hide detail in a brainstorming session or for just making a super long document manageable. You can even nest outlines to be really creative and when you come back to the document, it will present just as you left it.
If you have not taken notes this way before this capability will surprise you.
SpringNotes can re-arrange paragraphs, tasks and outlines by simply selecting and dragging them to a new location.
Perfect for brainstorming or to refine and develop complex outlines that contain detail.

Tasks that practically complete themselves

SpringNotes Tasks Circle shows you at a glance what you need to work on next.
The Circle previews Overdue, Next Due and Completed Tasks by Note
And yet when you are focused on writing they just blend into the story..
Ideal for Business Users, Writers, Dreamers, Professionals, and Educators alike.
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Dark Mode support and custom themes

SpringNotes automatically supports Dark Mode and has three additional, specially selected themes to make your notes look great and writing a pleasure as the mood inspires you.
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