Sync Devices
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Sync Devices

Sync in SpringNotes

  • Sync in SpringNotes uses iCloud and is enabled by default. Apple iCloud is an Apple Inc. encrypted sync and storage service which is used by many apps which can only be accessed by you. Set this to OFF in settings if you do not wish to use iCloud to sync your notes between devices or use iCloud as a backup. It is highly recommended to leave this setting on even if you only have a single device as iCloud acts as an automatic backup for your notes and you will be able to restore on a new device just by re-downloading the app. If you set this to OFF if you lose your device you will lose your notes.
  • When you have multiple devices such as an iPhone and an iPad or a Mac and an iPad sync is so useful as you can start a note on the iPhone and complete it later on the Mac.
  • If you wish to sync with iCloud SpringNotes will automatically synchronise your notes to all your Apple Devices if the following is true.
    • You use the same Apple ID on each device.
    • You are logged in to iCloud and have space left in your account for note storage
    • You have an internet connection
    • You have the "Use iCloud" setting on in SpringNotes (the default setting)

A note about updating the app on all devices that you wish to sync.
  • From time to time a new feature may be added to SpringNotes that requires all devices that are synced together to be updated to the latest SpringNotes version before the feature will work and be activated on any of your devices. This is simply because we try to ensure that you do not lose any data and this may occur if a new feature was used on one one device and then another device was used which was not updated to the latest version. To overcome this possibility we try to ensure all devices are up to date with the latest SpringNotes version before activating any feature that requires consistent versions. To help us determine this we may occasionally pop up a screen to ask you to verify that the devices shown in a list are all still active and up to date and If they are not for you to either clear them from the popup or update them so you can proceed with a new feature.