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Latest Release 1.8.9 + Progress update

Version 1.8.9 of SpringNotes has some great improvements
1. Tasks are a major focus for this release with many more improvements related to Tasks in the works!

* You can now add comments to each Task to track your progress. When you hover over a Task on a Mac or an iPAD with a trackpad or mouse Task comments will show in a preview.
* Every Task is unique and therefore you can reference a Task by its URL and access it from any SpringNotes Note(including from within the Note where it resides) and from external applications. If you select the URL SpringNotes will open the Note and jump right to the Task
2. SpringNotes on first open will always open the last document edited and to go to the last edited location. Both these options can be configured in Editor Settings. These features were introduced based on user feedback
3. Further refinements in the editor that have made which make it faster while using less system resources.

For this release the free Note count has been set to 10 Notes as this is more than enough to explore the app and understand all its features

What’s next?
A new Task Management view which includes a calendar
Basic image support - yes it is still

I hope to have both the above released around the middle of the year.

SpringNotes is developed, supported and maintained by a single developer so big I for Indie. Feedback is therefore very welcome and every review helps so if you have any issues please reach out to support and if you like the app please take the time to rate it or write a review as doing either really does help.

As always, please come back here for more news and if you have any suggestions for improvement, email us at
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