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SpringNotes Major Release V 1.8.0 - Now free to download

SpringNotes is now free to download with a Note count limit of 15(including Notes in the trash) so you can now try SpringNotes before deciding if it is right for you.

If you have already paid for SpringNotes prior to this version don't worry, you are entitled to all current and future features and updates at no additional cost 😀

The reason we have moved over to this model is that we want people to be able to try SpringNotes and appreciate its power and unique features before deciding if it is right for them.

All SpringNotes in app purchases are
one time only with future updates, additions and enhancements to the feature included. They are NOT subscriptions.

Most features are available in the free version with additional premium features and a note count unlock available as one time in-app purchases. Please see all current in-app purchases in $USD
in the release notes here

We are very excited in this new direction for SpringNotes as with more people able to try it will build a large community of users which keeps the app improving.
SpringNotes is developed, supported and maintained by a single developer so big I for Indie. Feedback is therefore very welcome and every review helps so if you have any issues please reach out to support and if you like the app please take the time to rate it or write a review as doing either really does help.

There are other exciting updates to this version including;

* Share Notes with another user by exporting in SpringNotes `.sprn` format for re import into SpringNotes. You can select your whole Library or any group, folder, subfolder or single Note to share. Indenting and all backlinks are preserved so this is a great way to share a set of interrelated notes with another SpringNotes user or simply to serve as an offline copy of your Notes. Note importing SpringNotes `.sprn` files requires the relevant entitlement.
* Export all Notes or a Notes Group from the SpringNotes Library in JSON or Markdown format for import into other applications as Markdown files. Documentation on the SpringNotes JSON format can be found
* Import Markdown `.md` files to the Library to the Inbox or to a group folder or sub folder. Multiple files can be imported at once if you have the relevant entitlement.
* Character and Word Count for a note is now available from the ... menu in the Note Editor
* New sort options for the Note list including A..Z and Z..A and the order is remembered when you re-open the app. Access Note sort via the … menu in the Note List.
* Fold All/Unfold all commands added to the toolbar and as keyboard shortcuts
* iOS swipe down gesture to dismiss the software keyboard
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