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Backlinks - Major Release 1.7.0

Version 1.7 has taken far too long to complete and way over the estimate for completion but it is now finally here.
Sometimes things that appear easy turn out to be complicated to get just right so they are intuitive and simple in use. Backlinks was one of those things….

Backlinks are here!
SpringNotes backlinks are very powerful and allow you to build a web of interconnected notes. When creating a backlink you are helped by a popup to search existing notes. To choose and backlink to a listed note just hit enter or to create a backlink to a yet non existent note just type the name of your new Note and exit the backlink bracket pairs. SpringNotes also supports creating a Zettelkasten style unique name for a note in the form of “YYYYMMDDMMHH” by either selecting the toolbar icon “Z” or if you have a keyboard typing the keyboard shortcut CMD K.

In a source note if you have a trackpad or mouse when you hover over an active backlink a preview of the linked note appears in a temporary view. When you are in a note that is the target of a backlink all the mentions to that note appear in a collapsible view at the top of the note. Selecting any of these mentions take you back to the original source note going straight to the paragraph where the backlink was entered.
The backlink implementation is intuitive and easy to use. For a full step by step guide for advanced use including suggestions for use with a Zettelkasten method please see the detailed help

Note backward and forward navigation.
Just like a web browser use the back < and forward > icons to visit the selected note history.

What’s next?
Basic image support - then a free to download (but limited) version of the app to encourage more people to try SpringNotes.

SpringNotes is developed, supported and maintained by a single developer so big I for Indie. Feedback is therefore very welcome and every review helps so if you have any issues please reach out to support and if you like the app please take the time to rate it or write a review as doing either really does help.

As always, please come back here for more news and if you have any suggestions for improvement, email us at
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